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  Blister Foil Manufacturer

We are the top most manufacturer of Blister Foil in all over India. Blister Foil converted from lacquering.It is Provide with pharmaceutical blistering products to customer.

Our service is available for the surface printing of such standard blister foils as push-through foil, child-resistant foils (both peelable and push-through), and paper-backed foils, and offers a variety of configurations and options including two-sided and multi-color printing, as well as the application of over-lacquers.
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The universal sealing feature of this innovative Blister Foil has gained significant interest at pharmaceutical companies searching for alternatives to traditional lacquered foils that do not provide strong seals to the many non-PVC or non-PVdC blister films now entering the market.

Motivation and the high level of skills of our employees, a pleasant working atmosphere and the most modern infrastructure provide the basis for ensuring the quality of our products and services. We are both fascinated by and enthusiastic about creating high-quality products and being a 'solutions provider' for the diverse customer problems by employing the latest technology.
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We manufacture a wide range of hard Aluminium Foil suitable for blister packing of Pharmaceutical Products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc., with the following general specification. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contact with the customers.

0.020 mm +/- 0.0016mm
0.025 mm +/- 0.002 mm
0.030 mm +/- 0.0024 mm


Colorless Vinyl Resin (option for tinted resin available) conforming to the applicable Government regulations regarding direct contact with medicines and drugs. The resin is suitable for heat sealing to PVC/PVDC coated PVC films.


(a) 4-6 GSM with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 GSM
(b) 6-8 GSM with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 GSM Standard, if not specified, heat sealing coating GSM is 4 with a tolerance of +/- 0.5.



Printed as per text, layout and shade approved by customer. For non-printed specification, clear lacquer to be coated as a protective coating and good printability. Printing inks and lacquer coatings are capable to withstand 180 deg. C for 1 sec. dwell time.


Printed and Unprinted Blister Foils are available in the reel forms. Unprinted blister foils are also available as Jumbo roll.

Winding Direction Generally printed or clear lacquer side is out with heat Seal coating inside Identification : Each reel shall be identified with a sticker pasted inside the core with Reel numbers. Specification, Net weight, Operator number & Date manufacture.
Core Material options:(a) Plastic (b) Aluminium (c) Card Board
Core ID : 76 mm +/- 0.5 mm
The length of the core is equal to the width of the web
Packing : Blister foils are packed in cardboard carton. Relevant Markings are provided On each outer package
Splices Butt type made with 25 mm pressure sensitive tape. Recommended operating
Sealing temperature : 170 to 180 deg. C
Sealing pressure: 2.8 to 5.6 kg/Sq. cm, 40 to 80 lbs/Sq. inch
Dwell time : 0.25 to 0.5 sec.
Reel Outer Diameter 250 +/- 10 mm for slit material, 400 +/- 10 mm for Jumbos

Covering area of
1 kg finished material (nominal ) :

Gauge & Temper Foil

0.02 (hard)
0.025 (hard)
0.03 (hard)
Covering area in Sq. M/Kg with 4 GSM nominal Heat Sealing Coating
Reel Wander Within +/- 1 mm Table Showing Thickness Tolerance of Foil: Thickness mm GSM
Reel/Web Width Plain: 45mm to 800 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm Foil gauge Min.
Nominal Max.
Nominal Max.
Printed 45mm to 600 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm 0.020 mm 0.018 0.020 0.022 49.9 54.2 58.5
Joints Per Reel Maximum 2. Average less than 1. 0.025 mm 0.023 0.025 0.027 62.33 67.75


0.030 mm 0.028 0.030 0.032 74.80 81.30 87.80
Pin Holes 0.025 and 0.03 mm foils are free from pin holes
In 0.02 mm foil, 40% of foil is free from pin holes, rest less than 10 PSM.
Test certificates giving the actual observed values of different parameters will accompany the supplies.
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